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Cinerama Progressive Jackpot Slot

About Cinerama

Cinerama is an oh-so-cool progressive slot game with a motion picture theme. (Hence the name, Cinerama.) It's a nickel slot game with 5 reels and 5 paylines with a bonus game.

But just because it's a nickel slot game doesn't mean you can't win some big money playing. Their biggest jackpot ever was $288,903 in 2004.

Symbols and Bonus Rounds on Cinerama

The symbols on the Cinerama slot game include creepy cameramen, attractive actors and actresses, and screaming directors. Once you make it into a bonus round, you get to pretend you're a director, and you'll select the cast for a movie from the available characters. If your resulting masterpiece of film-making does well at the box office, then you win money.

Cinerama Progressive

The 2nd bonus round works a little differently. You're actually standing in line at a movie theater trying to choose between 4 different films. Your goal is to pick the movie that's going to gross the most money on that particular weekend. Again, if you succeed in this task, you win money.

Cinerama Progressive Bonus Round

Cinerama's Progressive Jackpot

To win the big progressive jackpot, you must have placed the maximum bet on all paylines, and hit the 5 cameras on any one of the paylines. Like most progressive jackpots, once you've hit the jackpot, it's reset.

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