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Fruit Mania Progressive Jackpot Slot

About Fruit Mania

If you like quarter slots, you'll love Fruit Mania. This is a progressive slot game with 5 reels, 5 lines, and a bonus game. It's a classic fruit themed slot machine game, with pictures of strawberries, peaches, and grapes, along with many other symbols and fruits.

Fruit Mania Progressive

Bonus Game

To enter the bonus game you have to get 3 or more "Happy Sun" symbols. During the bonus game, you get to choose one fruit from each of 3 different lines of fruit. There is a cash bonus behind every single piece of fruit, so if you pick the right ones, you can win a lot of money. But no matter which ones you pick, you'll certainly win 3 bonuses every single time.

Fruit Mania Progressive Bonus Rounds

Jackpot at Fruit Mania

To win the jackpot playing Fruitmania, you have to make the max bet on max lines and get 5 cherries in a row. And if you do hit the jackpot by hitting the five cherries in a row, then I'll forever think of you as the "Cherry Master".

The biggest Fruit Mania jackpot in history so far was in 2004 at the USA Casino, when Arlene M. won $35,946. Now that's a nice payoff.


Fruit Mania - The progressive will pay: