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Gold Rally Progressive Jackpot Slot

About Gold Rally

It's a gold-miner themed slot game, and Gold Rally is one of the most popular and exciting offerings from Playtech's array of progressive jackpot games. Gold Rally is a $2 slot game with 8 paylines and a bonus game.

Gold Rally Progressive

Bonus Game

In the Gold Rally bonus game, you're given a treasure map. You choose which X on the treasure map you think the treasure is behind, and you win the money there if you're right.

Gold Rally Progressive Bonus Rounds

Progressive Jackpot

To win the progressive jackpot at Gold Rally, you must make the maximum bet and get 9 scatter symbols on the screen in one round of play. The progressive jackpot is constantly growing, because every time a player anywhere on the Playtech network makes a Gold Rally wager, the jackpot increases.

The biggest jackpot ever won at Gold Rally was...hold on to your hat here, pardner...$1,966,183 in October of 2005. That's right, almost $2 million in one game.

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