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Safe Cracker Progressive Jackpot Slot

About Safe Cracker

If you used to have dreams of cracking the safe at Fort Knox, then Safe Cracker is the slot game you'll enjoy. Safe Cracker is available in multiple denominations: you can play for quarters, fifty cents, $1, or $5. Safecracker is a 3 reel slot game with a bonus game.

Safe Cracker Progressive

Bonus Game

If you get 3 or more Golden Key symbols you get to play the bonus game. You cracked the safe! Inside the safe are 10 titanium boxes, 7 of which contain cash prizes, and 3 of which contain alarms. Choose wisely, and you could win a bunch of cash.

Safe Cracker Progressive Bonus Rounds


In order to win the jackpot playing Safe Cracker, you need to get 3 cash symbols on a max coin bet. Every time someone spins the reels at a Safecracker game at any Playtech casino, this shared jackpot grows. The biggest Safe Cracker progressive jackpot ever won was $53,077 in 2003. Try your luck; you could be the next record-setting winner.

Safe Cracker - The progressive will pay: