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The Sunny Progressive Jackpot Slot

About the Sunny Progressive Slot

Unlike most of the other Playtech progressive games featured on this site, Sunny Progressive Slot is only available at a limited number of casinos forming a part of the Sunny Group. Our preference is for the really excellemt Miami Beach Casino.

The exclusive Sunny Progressive

Sunny Progressive is a dollar slot with 3 reels and a progressive jackpot. It might seem obvious, considering the name of the game, and the names of the casinos who offer the game, but the theme of this game is tropical, and includes images of clamshells, sunshine, the ocean, and crabs.

Sunny Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot on Sunny Progressive is won by getting 3 sun's on a max coin bet. Anyone playing at one of the Sunny Group of casinos is eligible to win this jackpot, and every wager they make contributes to make the jackpot even larger.

This game can be played at Golden Palace Online Casino