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Which Slot Machines Pay the Most?

For coin wielding people in the land of slots this is certainly the question of questions. Which slot machines pay the most? This question is so often asked that it overshadows what should be the more important question: what are the rules of this game? No, people don't care and that's okay. The beauty of the slot machine is that you really don't need to know anything about rules. Put the coin in and push the button then hope for the best.

Still it would be nice to know which machine you should go to. Knowing the slot machines that pay the most can mean the difference between a half hour of fun and a half day of raking in coins.

Now the unfortunate answer you'll find all too often is that the best paying slots are the ones the other guy's playing. With all the bells and lights going off around you, that seems to be the way it is. This is mostly an illusion and a carefully designed one at that. All the slot machines pay off a little bit a lot of the time. Doing this makes everyone think that luck is all around them. With all that winning going on, why should you stop playing?

Slots You Shouldn't Play

Do not waste your money playing slot machines in bars or restaurants. This holds true for whatever city you are in. These slots rarely offer big jackpots and they keep most of what they take in. There are gambling laws governing how often a slot machine has to pay out and these slots nearly always cling to the very edge of that law.

These gambling laws differ from one jurisdiction to the next; but on average a slot machine has to payout at least 75 percent. That is a very low percentage, making the odds of you leaving with more money pretty slim. You want to be doubly wary of places that might have an even lower payout percentage. They exist and only to rip you off.

Slots You Should Play

If you're in a heavy gambling area such as Las Vegas and you want to spend a lot of time playing slot machines, then maybe try out a smaller casino. Some slot machines pay the most at places that need to attract business away from the bigger guys. Ask around and check the papers because these "high paying slots" will be advertised.

Play the nickel slots only if you're looking to have a fun time for a long time. Expect a fun rush now and then, but don't expect to be getting great odds for your money. These cheaper slot machines won't payout much.

To get the best payout percentage you have to go to the more costly machines. It's simple math really. Each machine has to pay for itself. If it's only taking in nickels or quarters then it will have to hold onto a lot more money to make itself worthwhile. A five dollar slot machine, on the other hand, can keep only five percent of its take and still earn the casino a lot of cash.

Look at where the local players are. These guys know enough to avoid the poor paying slot machines. Think of it like hunting. Let the locals lead you to your prey.

Once you've found a good machine and you want the most payout possible then make sure to play the highest number of coins allowed. Look at the payout chart closely. If one coin wins a 100, two coins win 200 and three coins win 400 then there is obvious value in that third coin. Because the payout ratio is higher that way you'll be more likely to hit a profit sooner.

Another way to tell a high paying slot from a low paying slot is location. You'll hear this again and again. The casino wants people to play, so the looser slots are placed in view of high traffic areas. Look for these by change lines, washrooms and bars.

Specific Slots to Look Out For

Hidden away somewhere in the slot machine jungle are games that carry double up bonuses. These are growing in popularity now that the word is out. The idea is that the reels have a double up symbol that, if hit, will do just that to whatever prize amount you should be getting. There's never a guarantee but that feature certainly increases your payout odds.

The real treasure chest of high paying slot machines are variable state slots. These guys have an increasing prize pool as you play. If you get onto one of these games when it has a large bank then the expected payback increases. Progressive slots work out for you in the same way. A progressive slot machine with a high enough jackpot can actually sway the payout percentage in your favor. This doesn't happen very often and it's hard to get to a machine when it does. Fights have been said to break out over these gold mines. Truly, these are the slot machines that payout the most.