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Munster Slots - Munsters Video Slot Machine Game

The Munster video slot game was the subject of some controversy about 3 years ago when the actor who played Grampa, Al Lewis, walked into an Atlantic City casino and saw his image being used to promote gambling. Al's opposed to gambling, so he got together with some of the stars of the old Munsters tv show to try to get some money back from IGT and the people who own the rights to the show-related products.

The Munsters slot machine game comes in 2 versions, a 9 payline version and a 25 payline version, both of which feature jackpots that pay left to right. The game includes symbols from the show as well as images of Grandpa Al, Lily, Herman, and Marilyn, as well as some of the other famous characters from the show. The best jackpot is triggered when you line up 5 of Herman's heads in a row.

There are several bonus games that are included as part of the Munsters slot machine game, including:

  • Wild Grandpa Bonus

  • Hot Spot Bonus

  • Munster Match Bonus

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