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Megabucks Slot Machines

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The Megabucks slot machines in Las Vegas offer some of the biggest jackpots in the world, and they are, as a result, one of the most popular slot machines. The Megabucks game requires a maximum bet ($3 - it's a dollar slot machine) in order to win the big jackpot. The Mega Bucks jackpot starts at $7 million and ticks upward as Nevada gamblers play the machines that are networked into the progressive jackpot.

At the time of this writing, the most recent Megabucks jackpot winner took home $11.9 million on October 16, 2005 from the Aladdin Casino on the Vegas strip. This is the 2nd time the jackpot was hit on the Megabucks slot machine this year, and the first time it got hit, the jackpot was a whopping $21.1 million.

Biggest Megabucks Jackpot Ever?

The biggest ever Megabucks slot machine jackpot was won in March of 2003 at the Excalibur Hotels and Casino in Las Vegas. The jackpot was $39 million. THAT is a life changing jackpot.

How Much Do I Tip?

You might be wondering how much to tip if you ever win the big jackpot like that? Barry Vinson wondered the same thing in one of his articles. Normally you tip 5-10% when you hit a winning jackpot, but giving a change machine attendant a $1 million tip might seem a little unreasonable to some people.

Vinson did some asking around, and most slot machine attendants felt like a $1000 or a $10,000 tip would be appropriate in this situation. I'm a generous guy, but I'm also unlucky, so I would probably tip quite handsomely if I hit the big win. But the chances of my ever hitting the Megabucks jackpot is currently pretty small. (Had to throw that in there so that I wouldn't get any slot machine change attendants' hopes up.)

Megabucks Slot Machine Myths and Legends

Slot machines and slot players inspired legends and folklore, and the Megabucks slot machine has been such a phenomenon that there is an entire section about its lore over at Snopes. The legends usually take one of three forms: the untimely deaths of winners, surprising tales of flawed winnings, and where and when the next Megabucks jackpot will hit. Most of these myths are nothing more than balderdash.

Snopes confirmed with IGT, the folks behind the Megabucks slot machines, that one particular unhappy slot winner tale was false. The winner was rumored to be dead, but according to IGT and Snopes, the winner is living well and anonymously still.

List of Megabucks Jackpots Won

Here's a list of Megabucks jackpots won and the locations where the jackpot was hit, and the amounts. I've only listed jackpots that were won over $10 million. Anything less than that is dull as far as I'm concerned.