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New Video Poker Games

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New Video Poker Games

IGT, also known as International Game Technology, is the biggest and most well-known manufacturer of video poker games in the industry. Every year they release new video poker games, and this year is no different. We take a look at some of the newer games in this article, most of which can be played as free video poker also.

Pick-a-Pair Poker

This is one of the newest video poker games from IGT. Pick-a-Pair Poker is available in 3 play, 5 play, and 10 play versions. In this unique version of videopoker, the player receives 2 face up cards and 2 stacks of 3 cards, both of which have 1 card face up. The player decides which of the 2 stacks he wants to choose from. Any pair of 9's or better is a winner.

Anything's Wild Poker

Superstitious players will love this game, because they don't have to settle for deuces being their wild card anymore. They can select their lucky number. Or go with a hunch. In Anything's Wild Poker, players get to choose their wild card using the touch screen, and they can change their wild card any time between (but not during) hands. This is an innovative brand-new video poker game available in 1 hand, 3 hand, 5 hand, and 10 hand versions.

Going for Fours Video Poker

A three of a kind is always a pretty good hand playing video poker games. But in this latest IGT video poker offering, Going for Fours, any time you get a three of a kind you have the bonus option of wagering to get a better hand. The player can also opt to keep their win. This is an exciting and interesting new game that's sure to develop a big following.

Back It Up Poker

Everybody loves a paying hand. Especially if it pays out more than the initial bet. But the cool thing about this new Back It Up video poker game is that not only can you get a big payout when you get a good hand like a straight, a flush, or a full house, but if you get two big hands in a row, you win a bonus amount of 5 times more than the normal payout for that hand. That's good stuff right there.

More Upcoming Video Poker Games from IGT

Some of the other names of video poker games you can expect from IGT include:

  • Opponents Poker
  • Big Times Draw
  • Ace Invaders
  • WPT Holdem

They're going to keep releasing new games, and I'll keep writing about them here.